Affiliate of Minecenter

Join our referral program & earn free bitcoin for sharing your link. All free plan miners will get the benefits of 20% affiliate bonus as well as every free miner will be able to mine bitcoin for free.

Minecenter also provides premium mining accounts. There are four premium mining plans and every plan will give extra affiliate bonus according to the package. Upgraded users will also able to collect bitcoin automatically direct to the wallet.

Upgrade and get up to 100% referral bonus as well as eight times faster mining plan compared to industry’s top mining platform.

  • Purchase First Premium plan with 0.009BTC & get 30% Extra affiliate Earning
  • Purchase Second Premium plan with 0.09BTC & get 40% Extra affiliate Earning
  • Purchase Third Premium plan with 0.99BTC & get 50% Extra affiliate Earning
  • Purchase Forth Premium plan with 4.99BTC & get 100% Extra affiliate Earning

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